Wifyer does to Mobile Data what AirBnB does for accommodation rentals

Everyone who has ever travelled will tell you that finding reliable internet ranks right at the top in the list of travel must haves. As crucial as internet connectivity is, travellers need to sometimes move heaven and earth just to get a data fix.

What if you could step in and help a traveller out with getting internet connectivity. Oh and you get paid for it.


This is the sweet spot that Wifyer occupies. Wifyer is an app that facilitates users to be part of a mobile crowdsourced Wifi network where travellers can get seamless data connectivity from a fellow Wifyer data sharer. In turn, the Wifyer data sharer gets paid for sharing his/her mobile data connectivity. 

What we saw in the market?

We had first hand experience of what it was like to sit in the airport with no data, while the locals happily enjoyed their data connection. Roaming plans show no sign of becoming affordable in the near future whilst complicated tourist SIM packages completely take out the joy in using the internet while travelling.

With Wifyer, expensive roaming plans, convoluted tourist SIM packages and the hassle of getting local mobile connections become one less thing to worry about, when your travel bug takes you to lands near and far.

“Wifyer’s vision is to enable ubiquitous Internet connectivity and support the monetization opportunities for data sharer „ Suren Pinto, CEO Wifyer

We wanted the app to be very simple to use. It features only 2 modes to suit the requirement of a Wifyer user:

  • a mode to get paid for sharing data with options to control the amount of data shared and to activate the sharing mode as and when needed.
  • a mode to consume data whereby a user has the flexibility to purchase a data bundle using Paypal, Credit card or any accrued referral credits.

Pricing and availability

Lets get to the best part first: there is no subscription fee or any other form of recurring fees.

Wifyer data users simply need to purchase a reasonably priced data bundle to start consuming data whilst Wifyer data sharers actually get paid for sharing their mobile data.

The Wifyer app is currently available on Android 4.2 and above. However the app is being transformed to be available on iOS and desktop clients.

Download PDF
Download PDF
About Wifyer

Be part of the mobile crowdsourced Wifi network where you can get paid for sharing your data or pay for consuming data from a connected fellow Wifyer.

About Us

Everyone talks about making a difference in people’s lives. We went all out and did it with Wifyer.

Our vision was to economically empower people in the travel industry to make more money with what they’ve already got : a smartphone and data connection.

Wifyer enables the transactional platform which makes data sharing highly profitable for anyone willing to share their data. Whilst providing an additional means of income to data sharers, Wifyer also provides a reliable solution to travellers struggling with finding internet connectivity on the go.